VIRCHOOSE.COM is an entertainment website that makes available only positive, uplifting, values-based movies.
We were founded with the belief that society in general is looking for more of these types of movies.

Many values-based movies have been produced and will yet be produced, but quite often the general public does not know where to find them, or even know that they exist.   That’s why we created Virchoose.  While many people say that the entertainment industry as a whole just gives the public what it wants, we politely disagree.  Over and over again, the general public have shown that they prefer wholesome entertainment to the typical messages coming out of Hollywood. That's why we created Virchoose.
Virchoose.com provides one convenient and reputable location on the Internet for individuals and families who are looking for movies with positive values and messages.   All movies are available for online viewing, with unlimited access for only $6.99 / month.  Movies can be viewed from anywhere you have internet access and can access our website via acceptable devices (computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, most Android devices, Apple TV, and other devices).  (*Coming soon:  Roku and Smart TV).


"Virchoose” comes from “virtues” or "virtuous", meaning moral excellence; positive traits or qualities deemed to be morally good; doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.  
We believe that virtue means moral excellence, even in the arts...even in movies.

Virtual can mean occurring or existing primarily “online" - which is where Virchoose exists.
Virtual (online) comes from the Latin virtu (virtue).  Ironically, much of that which exists online is anything but virtuous. That’s why we created Virchoose.

Virchoose.com provides a positive, values-based choice in entertainment.
Choose virtue.  Choose Virchoose.  The virtual choice for movies with values.


As we gradually elevate and strengthen media, we will gradually elevate and strengthen society. ™

Movies with values. Virtues.TM