Healed By Grace  

Healed By Grace

Riley Adams has a bright future as a dancer until a tragedy brings it all to a halt. She rebuilds her life and discovers God's perspective, finding love in the process, thanks to an unshakable faith and an unexpected bond with a beautiful mare named Grace.

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: Approx. 112 minutes

Dove "Family-Approved" - Suitable for any age.
Dove Quality Rating: 5

Now here is a family friendly movie well worth watching! Riley Adams is a Christian girl who gives a presentation on the Great Flood in her college class where she is a sophomore. That is, "Noah's flood", something which causes a few eye rolls but the class is used to the "Bible thumper" who, actually, is a very nice girl and not a thumper of Bibles at all. On the other hand, Aleah doesn't seem like a nice person at all. She makes fun of Riley for her beliefs and is her main competition in the dance class they both have a passion for.

Riley goes very far toward realizing her dream but then a tragic event changes the course of her life and she learns to trust God to find out what path she should take. It turns out to be a surprising one but one which opens up many opportunities for her. This movie demonstrates very well that every cloud has a silver lining and that former foes can indeed become friends. The movie features humor too such as when a trainer wears a girl's flip flops so she can wear his boots to ride a horse. The music is terrific too, especially a song which features the lyrics, "Jimmy Stewart really got it right, it's a wonderful life." Natalie Weese is terrific as Riley as is the rest of the cast. The director, David Matthew Weese, does a wonderful job in giving the viewer an interesting story with realistic characters. This one is not to be missed!

We are happy to award this movie our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal and we rate it at five Doves, our highest rating. This is a movie the entire family can enjoy together.

Content Description:
Sex: Kissing between a young couple.
Language: Man says another character is a "tool"; a girl is encouraged to "kick butt" at a competition.
Violence: A car crash that is mainly seen with flashing lights and the sound of the crash; a young man says he keeps busy with work when his parents fight.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Girls in shorts to perform dance; mild cleavage.
Other: A man at a stable says he does not want to take care of a cripple but we learn he has a softer side too; a girl is referred to as a "Bible thumper"; a girl spills water on the floor so a dancer will slip during her routine; a girl is heartbroken following the loss of some of her skills.

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