Road To Independence - The Movie  

Road To Independence - The Movie

Thomas Jefferson, rode on his white horse to Independence Hall on 4 July 1776 - Declaration of Independence in hand, people lined the streets of Philadelphia and cheered. Then, once inside the chamber, Jefferson and the Founders posed for pictures while each stood in line behind John Hancock to sign the Declaration. America was born. It's a nice story but it's not true. The real story is that of a rag-tag group of men who never met one another yet shared a common bond: a thirst for Independence. This is the true, tragic and ultimately triumphant story of the Declaration of Independence and the men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their scared honor to bring it to life.

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: Approx. 136 minutes

Dove "Family-Approved" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.
Dove Quality Rating: 5

This is a wonderful animated story of the history of our nation. History buffs will love it but so will proud Americans everywhere. And although it is animated it contains good likenesses of this country's greatest heroes including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry. It also features a few brief war scenes; a few characters are struck by bullets and we see their bloody wounds on stomachs and chests.

This is a unique tool which can be used to teach children what happened at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and the events that led up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This fantastic DVD is filled with history, historical people, and significant dates. We are pleased to award this DVD our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal. This one will help you look forward with hope as you look back on the rich history of our country.

Content Description:
Sex: The mention of men who were at a brothel and men carousing with ladies of leisure.
Language: G-3; D-3
Violence: In this entirely animated feature a few characters are struck by bullets and blood is seen on chest and stomach; a character is struck in the forehead with a rock and blood is seen on his head and his hand when he touches the wound and a bloody stone is seen on the ground; characters are seen holding torches and clubs and muskets; characters in court become angry and shake their fists; screams are heard after one shooting; a man is seen on the ground (animated) and a pool of blood is under him.
Drugs: Several drinking scenes including characters having wine with their meals and a few toasts involving wine; a small jug of what appears to be moonshine is held by a few characters in different scenes.
Nudity: Cleavage and a man's nude legs are seen but his shirt covers his waist.
Other: Talk of betrayal and the price of liberty as many people fight for independence from Great Britain and King George III.

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