The Young Believers  

The Young Believers

The Young Believer story is the story of four Christian teens that are navigating through their senior year in high school. The teens use God's Word as their weapon of choice against the temptations that confront them.

MPAA Rating: Not
Runtime: Approx. 80 minutes

Dove "Family-Approved" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.
Dove Quality Rating: 4

This is a remarkable DVD which promotes godly living. Four teens, Delilah, Leah, David and Luke, have known each other for years and they make a pact at the beginning of High School that they will not drink alcohol, do drugs or have sex before marriage. They are committed to the Lord but soon face challenges in keeping their promises. A boy named Jude dates Delilah and wants to take their relationship to another level, David is offered alcohol, Leah faces her parent's divorce and deals with it by not allowing herself to be vulnerable, and Luke is tempted to play other kinds of music rather than music for the Lord.

This DVD features the group praying and reminding each other what the Bible says. We highly recommend it for ages twelve plus, due to a few intense scenes. This DVD is a wonderful statement that young adults can live godly lives! It could be used as a powerful teaching took in a youth class.

Content Description:
Sex: Talk about waiting to have sex; a young man pressures a girl to have sex with him, and tells a friend he will "break her"; a young man throws a girl to the couch but she immediately gets away; a girl says boys have wanted to "get into my pants"; a discussion about gangster music and "hoes".
Language: A Christian video is referred to a couple of times known as "Hell's Best Kept Secret"; Jerk-1; Suck-1
Violence: A young man throws a girl to the couch but she escapes his advances; tensions between a few characters.
Drugs: A young man offers a beer to another young man who refuses it; a young man puts a crushed pill in his girlfriend's drink, apparently a "date rape" drug, but she gets away before he harms her; a young man says his brother has smoked "weed".
Nudity: Mild cleavage.
Other: In inspiring scenes God and the Bible are mentioned; prayers; a young girl gets upset with her friends as she believes they are pressuring her to witness for Christ; a young girl worries she will be the victim of divorce because her parents were; a guy tells another guy it's about time he grew "a pair".

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