For Producers

VIRCHOOSE.COM was founded with the belief that society in general is looking for more positive, inspiring, values-based movies.  We believe that movies impact individuals, families, and society both positively and negatively.  We are looking for the positive.  We oppose any offensive or destructive media influence.

Our focus is to work together with like-minded producers and distributors of values-based titles, to elevate the positive media choices made easily accessible to the public.  One of our goals is to provide a strong counterbalance to the many negative influences that exist in the media and film today, particularly online.  Consumers want these movies!  Many people just don’t know where to find them. provides a reputable and reliable online source.

We currently request that all titles submitted for consideration on our site carry the Dove Foundation seal of approval.  For more information on how to submit your work to Dove, please go to

If you feel that you have a film which meets the above criteria, and would like for us to consider adding your title to our website, please send an email to  Please include as many details as possible.

Our distribution platform can provide an excellent outlet for independent filmmakers who are not able to break in to the expensive and often limited distribution system that exists today.  We believe you will find our agreements to be extremely fair.  

We look forward to working with you.

As we gradually elevate and strengthen media, we will gradually elevate and strengthen society. ™

Movies with values. Virtues.TM